About Techshare India 2012

Techshare India has brought awareness about the needs of people with disabilities in India. Techshare India is a National Conference with International participation. It has brought so many conversations to the forefront from web accessibility to digital talking books, from patient moving hoists to accessible ATMs, from screen readers to sign language interpreter relay services, from AAC devices to reading writing tools.

We believed that while we were working on all of these areas, it was time to look beyond! It was time to look at entertainment and how people with disabilities could enjoy the experience. It was about television and movies. It was about games whether web based, arcade games or then gaming devices.

Techshare India 2012 had build awareness, identify needs, and provide solutions and implementation strategies to create an inclusive environment for people with disabilities.

For almost a decade Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) UK, has been organizing Techshare. In India, BarrierBreak is organizing Techshare India since 2008.

Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB), National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP) and BarrierBreak had organized Techshare in India at New Delhi on 6th – 7th February 2012.

Highlights of Techshare India 2012

  • 500 delegates from across the globe
  • 50 Plus Speakers
  • 6 accessibility workshops
  • 2000 visitors including disabled, caretakers, and the aged
  • 40 Exhibition stalls displaying assistive aids and services pan disability

Our Partners

Techshare India 2012 – Sponsors / Partners

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Vishnu Universal Learning

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Exhibiting at Techshare India 2012

Techshare India 2012 included an exhibition of international work, products and research from the digital assistive technology industry. It was held on 6th & 7th February, 2012 at India Habitat Center, New Delhi.

Some of our exhibitors for Techshare India 2012 were:

Attainment Company
BarrierBreak-creating a limitless future
Code Factory
DAISY Consortium
Dolphin Computer Access
Modular InfoTech
Optelec BV, The Netherlands

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